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Vaping Series: Introduction

Imagine a young adult in your neighborhood vapes with a vaping product. As the young adult vapes, you suddenly see a haze of smoke spewing out of the nose and mouth of the young adult. Ten seconds later, to your horror, the young adult’s mouth is starting to burst open with a gaping hole. Realizing that the young adult is desperately in need, you call 911. When the E.M.S. arrives on the scene of the vaping incident, the young adult was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital to seek medical treatment. While this is a mere hypothetical example, vaping does lead to medical complications. Does this example make you want to vape?

Vaping should not attract anyone because it leads to disastrous effects. The American populous should change the status quo of vaping. The status quo is not alleviating the vaping crisis. Vaping is starting to be socially accepted among high school students. in a study regarding vaping, Dr. Brenda Douglass and Dr. Susan Solecki found that between 2013 to 2014, e-cigarette use among middle and high school students tripled, rising from approximately 660,000 to 2 million students. At one point in the big vaping epidemic, Juul, a company that makes vaping products traveled to a local high school and proclaimed that there is no harm in vaping and vaping is entirely safe for use. When, in fact, the F.D.A has not approved the Juul product. As a result of this horrible situation, the head person of Juul is being sued by the high school. By this example, solving the vaping crisis is important. To solve this epidemic, Business and schools alike needs to introduce new policies to alleviate the vaping crisis. Regarding this crisis, questions need to be answered. First, What is vaping? Second, what does vape lead to? Third, how does the American populous change the status quo of vaping?

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