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Reading Response: A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll House was written to help people understand that small things matter including a simple lie to the protect the husband. This play was written by Henrik Ibsen. A Doll house evidences that small things can lead to disruptive attitude and a disconnection with her husband. At the start of the play, Nora Helmer acted like a child thinking that everything revolves around her. She was spending money frivolously. However, earlier in Nora’s life, she borrowed money, so that her husband and her could travel to Italy to save Torvalds’s life. This led Mrs. Helmer to tell a small, casual lie to her husband. And this where the Disruptive attitude and a disconnection begins.

Today, Reading Responses 6 will be debunking how small lies, even though you might protect someone, can lead to a disruptive attitude, and can lead to a broken bridge of trust. Due to these two things, it can lead to heated conversation between the wife and Husband, because marriages are built on trust, not lies and deceit. So, Lies disrupted the atmosphere of friendship and admiration for one another.

First, Lies can lead to a disruptive attitude and destroys and the atmosphere of honesty. Helmer states in Act 2 “an atmosphere of lies infects and poisons the whole life of a home. Each breath the children take in such a house is full of the germs of evil.” See, when a house is not subject to honesty, it can lead to a disruptive attitude and destroys the atmosphere of honesty. When a lie creeps into a house, it produces toxic air filled with lie and deceit. If a House is filled with truths, it can lead to atmosphere of honesty and produce clean air filled with integrity and friendships.

Second, lies can disrupt marriages and can lead to broken bridge of trust. Marriages are like a bridge of trust. When one of the spouses lie, it can start breaking the bridge and causes a distrust between the husband and wife, as evidenced in the doll house. Nora Helmer closed the play off by saying, “That our life together would be a real wedlock. Good-bye.” Before this quote, she was in quarrel with her husband about her untruthfulness about the borrowing of money. Therefore, lies can disrupt marriages and can lead to a unsavable broken bridge of trust.

In Conclusion, this play can see that when toxic air of lies creeps into a house, it can lead to disruptive attitude and can disrupt marriages. Small Things like lies truly matter in a Doll House written by Henrik Ibsen. Thank you!

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