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Pro & Con #4: Must Voters be Knowledgeable?

An uneducated American should not take part in an election because if they are unknowledgeable, they will not pick the best presidential candidate. If the uneducated American vote, it will leave America as a stagnant country. However, if an educated American votes, it will allow America to grow and become a prosperous country. To make voters more knowledgeable, the news media Corporations need to take three steps. The first step is ensuring that the United States citizens have non-biased news source. The second step is educating the populous on the history of America. The third and final step is infiltrating the social media with non-biased news sources to help the populous become more educated on what is going around in the world. Therefore, I am resolved that if the United States media corporations do these three steps, citizens will become more knowledgeable voters who can decide whether or not they are more of a democrat or is more of a republican. If the United States media corporations do not do these three steps, the citizens will not be a knowledgeable voter and will lead America to become a stagnant country.

First, The United States media corporations need to ensure that the United States citizens have a non-biased news source that they can go to. This raises the question, “Will the voter be more knowledgeable, if the news media corporation uses more objectivity and less subjectivity to limit the presence of biases?” The answer is simply that if the media relies more heavily on objectivity, the person who is voting, will be persuaded to take a stance on his political ideologies without the media’s biases. Objectivity is simply defined as reporters who report on facts, and not on opinions. When a reporter reports on the facts, the news article tends to sway a reader to a stance because the news reporter relayed facts to the citizen and that citizen couldn’t refuse the facts. With this in mind, objectivity is most likely to shape a person’ political ideology than subjectivity. Therefore, once the news media corporations have ensured the public that they have a non-biased news source, it will help make a citizen more knowledgeable on who to vote for in an election, (i.e. 2020 election).

Second, the news media corporation needs to remind the citizen what our country was founded upon. This poses the question, “If the news media corporation job is to remind the citizens of the heritage of America, will it help the citizens become more knowledgeable when they vote in the next election?” The answer is simply that if the new media reminds the citizens of the American heritage, it will not only help the citizens to become more knowledgeable voters but it will help eliminate the “severe public policy gridlock, political animosity, voting ambivalence, and relational friction” of the United States political world. (Barna, 2016, pg. 87). The heritage of America reminder by the new media corporation will help eliminate some voting ambivalence.

Voting ambivalence occurs when a voter cannot make up his mind. Therefore, leading the voter to vote for the wrong person. Since this the case, if the new media reminds the populous on the heritage of America, it will help the citizens become a more knowledgeable voter and who to vote for. One voter could reject the America’s Christian heritage, and votes democratically, whereas another voter could agree with America’s Christian heritage and votes republican. These two political ideologies can affect the way the populous votes. Thus, the reason why the news media corporations need to remind the populous of America’s Christian heritage which will make the voter more knowledgeable and more amply to vote Republican.

If the news media corporation does not remind the populous of America’s Christian heritage, the American voters can reject the Christian heritage which raises the secularism in America. This does not mean that voting democratically mean they do not have a Christian heritage. Several examples exist where a voter has Christian heritage and still votes democratically.

Barna explains why the news media, such as the Christian Broadcast Network, needs to remind the citizens of the Christian heritage. Barna believes our nation is divided because “more conservative older Americans are hanging on to traditional views and values, while the upcoming younger folk push and prod to loosen up the nation’s moral and political standards” (Barna, 2016, p. 89). If citizens loosen up the nation’s moral and political standard, it will lead the United States on a path of socialism and secularism. If we do not have a political or moral standard, voters will think that it will be fine to vote for a socialistic democrat for president. Therefore, if the news media does not remind the citizens of their Christian heritage of America, it will lead America on the path of secularism and socialism. Furthermore, it is imperative to educate the populous on the Christian heritage of America, which makes the voters more knowledgeable.

Third, the news media corporations need to infiltrate social media with non-biased news articles to educate the populous on the issues that are going around the world and will make the citizens informed on the issue. Social media reaches over 3.48 billion people. If the news media corporations infiltrate social media with news article, it will reach 3.48 billion people with a news source. Therefore, if the news media corporations infiltrate social media with news articles, it will make the citizens more informed which will make the voters more knowledgeable.

For these reasons, the news media corporations will help the populous more knowledgeable. It reminds me of a story in the Bible, the true biblical account of casting out demons in a demon-possessed man. This true biblical account also talks about division. Matthew 12:24-28 (Christian Standard Bible *CSB) states, “When the Pharisees heard this, they said, ‘this man drives out demons only by Beelzebul, the ruler of demons.’ Knowing their thoughts, he [Jesus, who is the man the Pharisees were talking about] told them: ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is headed for destruction, and no city or house divided against itself will stand. If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand? And if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your sons drive them out? For this reason, they will be your judges. If I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.’” This true Biblical account reminds me that a house divided cannot stand. If a house cannot stand, it will fall to ruin and promote unethically ideas like socialism and secularism. Secularism is creeping in and trying to overtake the Mormon’s and Christians religious freedom away. One example of this Examples is the cake baker in Colorado, Jack Phillips. Another example of losing the right of religious freedom is the Washington case. However, in the Washington case of religious freedom, the secularist won and the person refusing to do something for the gay people, has to pay a hefty fine. America needs to be a united front under a two-party system (i.e. democrat and republican) to eliminate some of the division that exists in the United States of America. This is done through educated the populous which makes citizens more knowledgeable to vote in a state, local, or national election. Therefore, I am resolved that through the News media corporations, voters must be knowledgeable to avoid the government from overstepping its boundaries.


Barna, G. (2016). America at the crossroads: Explosive trends shaping America’s future and what you can do about it. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Bakers Publishing Group.

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