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Liberation Theology Series: Part 1: How Socialism does not help our economy?

Liberation Theology--“tossed by the wind” doctrine-- should not be practice among Churches located in America. Socialism, in laymen’s term, is the concept that everything is owned by the government. The government has control over property, over small businesses, and over everything. Socialism is a direct hit to our economy and to our quality of life because it does not foster innovation. During 2012, Professor Jaana Woiceshyn, who was an associate business professor at the University of Calgary, wrote,

“Economists understand that innovation drives economic growth. Big innovations based on harnessing steam power, discovering electricity, the computer revolution all have spurred economic growth. But what drives innovation? …It is the competition in free markets that pushed companies to outperform each other in coming up new, better, less expensive products and services, and more efficient processes and technologies for producing them.”

This professor believes that Socialism does not foster innovation or creativity which leads to a lower quality of life. Our quality of life does not increase when the government controls everything, our quality of life increases when we have the option to succeed or fail. Sometimes, Christians wonder if the government is planning to attack our economy, so that they can enter into a one world society.

Mitt Romney argues that Socialistic tendencies like economic equity can stifle innovation and can lead to a worse quality of life. Mitt Romney wrote his book, No Apology in 2010, two years before his 2012 presidential campaign. In it he says, “The degree to which a nation makes itself productive, and thus how prosperous its citizens become, is determined in large measure by whether government adopts policies that stimulate innovation or that stifle it. This government policy has the greatest effect on innovation is simply whether or not the government will allow it. It’s sad but true” Government can and often does purposefully prevent innovation and the resulting improvement in productivity. This is one way how socialism has a direct hit on our economy.

Also, when the churches or universities accept financial aid from the government, in essence, can be controlled by the government eventually because they have influence in the church or university. I do like aid from the financial aid like the CARES Act but when the university accepts it, does that mean that the university is starting be owned by the Government? Again, free handouts could lead to the government controlling everything that we own and making everything equal.

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