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How Medicare Expansion will Impact the Kansans?

Kansas, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut all issued a “Sheltered-in-place” order to ensure the safety of its citizens. Probably the question is, how will the coronavirus impact Kansas?

The economy has declined more rapidly than ever before. This decline of the U.S economy will cause a mass unemployment rate if Congress does not do something. The United States needs to pass the $2 Trillion dollar stimulus bill to protect small businesses and stop businesses from doing stock buybacks. Stock buybacks will ultimately hurt the American populous in the end. Also, The United States learned an important lesson that they are too dependent on China and other nations. The United States needs to bring jobs back to the United States to ensure that all the unemployed can find jobs.

Currently, Kansas is $300 million dollars in the hole. However, Kansas wants to pass a 17.5 million appropriated medicare Expansion bill. This medicare expansion bill will cost Kansans roughly 50-60 billion dollars a year. This policy is endorsed by an “unfunded Mandate.” Micheal Barrett, a field director at American for Prosperity, defined an “unfunded mandate” as “where a legislative body requires the government to do something but then neglects to appropriate funding.” The catch is State Supreme Courts, including Arkansas, have determined that the “Medicaid expansion is all or nothing-there can be no “partial expansion.” Specifically, These rulings have grown from work requirements as a means of bounding the number of medicare expansion recipients. The Affordable Care Act language, according to the state supreme courts, does not allow for restricting the access to ACA. In the words of Micheal Barrett, “Either a citizen has a right to participate or they do not–there is no middle.”

Medicare expansion will ultimately diminish the already low economy of Kansas. Barrett stated, “If Kansas appropriate a portion of the funds, then pass Medicaid Expansion, Kansas will be required by federal law to contribute the full 10% of expansion costs.” The problem is that cost, whatever it may be, is unrestricted. For example, if the total cost is $700 million, Kansas will only need to cover $70 million dollars. However, in other states, if the cost exceeds expectations, then Kansas will still be required to supply 10% of the total cost. therefore, Medicare Expansion will ultimately raise KS taxes to cover the cost of medicare expansion.

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