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Fictional Account:The Creation of a Melancholy Atmosphere

As the rustling of thriving leaves formulated a whistle besides the sandy banks of River Li in China, Edgar’s voice penetrated the pleasant atmosphere of a starry night by successfully speaking these three simple words, “What wonderful music!” While the soft-hearted bat flies around catching mosquitoes near the unfathomable tree, the sweet nightingale hums a beautiful tune of “When the saints go marching in”. Since the nightingale grew vain and began to condemn her neighbor, she made a scarring accusation that penetrated the beating heart of the bat. She taunted the bat in a loud squeaky voice, “How shameful! You flitter around the sky, eating mosquitoes, humming not a note while I whistle a tune for the Dictator himself. He even made a comment of how wonderful and beautiful I sing. He doesn’t ever make a comment about your job. What kind of life do you live?”

From the charming voice of a brave bat, he only peeped, “It’s an important life! If it weren’t for me, the dictator wouldn’t ever have his Royal Entourage carrying him to the riverbank to hear your wonderful songs come to life.”

The nightingale dismayed by this charming voice of the bat, scoffed, “What nonsense! He doesn’t travel miles to the riverbank for you. He comes for music that is pleasing to his ears.”

On a clear night, the beautiful voice of the nightingale formulated an echo of a remarkable melody of Amazing Grace while the defying bat decided not to swarm the mosquitoes and attack them. Because of this Choice the bat expressed, the Multitude of menacing mosquitoes terrorized the Royal Entourage, so they decided to lift the Dictator Edgar’s velvet chair and rush for their life. These blood-sucking mosquitoes led the nobles, the senators, and finally the dictator Edgar to vacate the premises of the palace, flee the town, and ride on the velvet chair all the way to the northwestern edge of China. As the dictator left dramatically, the poor nightingale was sullenly settled on a thin branch, and viewed her life by chatting to herself, “I have nothing important to do now. My dictator is missing my melodious whistling because I was prideful and criticized my fellow companion.”

Then all sudden, the task-oriented bat efficiently fluttered onto the one-of-kind tree, where the nightingale seated on the small branch of this tree. He exclaimed the truth in a soothing voice, “You condemned my beautiful work of saving the dictator’s life from the life-threatening mosquitoes, but I came back to apologize. I should have given you grace and eaten my blooding sucking nemesis while you warble a mesmerizing performance.”

“Oh, you are forgiven. I am so very sorry that I condemned your work, sulked in my sorrow, and even sat on the edge of the branch thinking about how I have hurt all my people, because I did not know the worth of my fellow companion, you. Will you ever accept my humble apology?” almost in tears, she cried.

The bat gladdened the nightingale by speaking in a comforting voice, “You are forgiven. I gratefully accept your apology. All is well. You are gaining quite the wisdom because you realize the truth that two are better than one.” From this Chinese fable, the truth effectively demonstrates that when you condemn a person’s work, your audience may flee away and create a melancholy atmosphere.

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