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Fictional Account: The Broken Bridge of Trust

During history, Aesop lived a successful life from the years 650 to 620 B.C. Aesop teaches us morals (truths) through fables, which are a genre of short fictional stories that teaches us morals. These profound fables are comparable to King Solomon’s poetic proverbs. Scholars question the amazing fact that Aesop has indeed written 600 fables over the course of his life. This one fable, in particular, portrays the moral that when you keep lying, you crumble the bridge of trust. This moral is also is portrayed in King’s Solomon’s proverbs. Here is the fable “the Broken Bridge of Trust” by the renowned storyteller, A.J. Hawk.

As the brilliant, bright sun was shining on the planet of Astrophel, the selfish, stingy Stormtrooper, Recluse, was guarding, with his ZTX-Turbo 32 automatic gun, the front silver large gate of the Emperor Scrumptious’ brick stronghold. He was staking out at the entrance to protect the stronghold from invaders like the Jedi Knight, Aiden Slider. Tragically as time grew longer, the Recluse was finding out that he was restless. So he devised a well-developed scheme to regain amusement. After he developed that plan, the Stormtrooper screamed in a piercing, loud, voice, “Alert! Alert! Aiden Slider is violently threatening me! HELP ME!” As expected, the rest of the combative group of Stormtroopers came bursting in, only to find that it was a joke. The Stormtrooper mockingly laughed.

After the day grew to a close, The Stormtrooper again excessively screamed in a quivering voice “ALERT! ALERT! AIDEN SLIDER HAS KILLED THE COMMANDER GREVIOUS! PLEAE HELP ME FIND HIM!” Viciously, The Company of Stormtroopers (alerted about this finding about the killing of the commander) came running in like they were Olympic gold medalists rushing to the finish line. They appeared at the scene that Recluse was alerting them to, only to find that it was another prank. The Stormtrooper, who thought he was superior to them, laughed, “Ha, Ha, I teased you!”

In the dawn of the morning suddenly someone dressed in a black robe with a utility belt approached the Emperor’s silver brick stronghold. The Jedi, Aiden Slider, whose mission was to eliminate the Emperor, entered the Emperor’s domain. Scared about the Emperor’s life, the Stormtrooper ran at top speed, and fearfully screamed at the top of his lungs, “ALERT! ALERT! AIDEN SLIDER HAS ENTERED THE DOMAIN OF THE EMPEROR SCRUMPTIOUS! PLEASE HELP ME!” Tragically, the squad of Stormtroopers did not really believe in him and proclaimed in a demanding and dramatic voice “We, as a squad, will never be fooled again by you again.” As a result of Recluse’s amusement and the Stormtroopers refusal to help the Recluse, Emperor Scrumptious died to the superiority of the Jedi knight, Aiden Slider. After the Stormtroopers didn’t believe him, he learned the value that lying can create a broken bridge of trust.

From this fable, the moral demonstrates that lying can harm and break the bridge of trust. After you harm or break the bridge of trust, you will end up getting a gap of lies. This fable illustrates a good example of how Satan is the Master deceiver. In our mind, the Devil is toying with our minds, saying “One lie won’t hurt you so do one.” This is not the truth! Elegantly, God remarks through Solomon in Proverbs 12:12 this truth, “the LORD detests lying lips, but He delights in people who are trustworthy. “ After reading this verse, God wants you and me to be trustworthy and not break the bridge of trust by our lying. Instead of breaking the trust bridge, we should build it back by being trustworthy like God remarks in Proverbs 12:12.

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