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Faith, Hope, and Love

Lies can disrupt the atmosphere of love and cause a distrust between the couple. A Doll House was written by Henrik Ibsen that expressed that Love can, in fact, be disrupted by deceit and lies. According the view of Helmer, lies can the venom that suffocates the atmosphere of honesty. The question I am addressing today is “Consider this verse:And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” How do you see these values evidenced (or not) in A Doll House?”

My Thesis, The Values of Faith, hope, and love are not evidenced in “A Doll House,” Because Nora told a lie to protect Torvald and caused distrust among them.

Frist, Faith is not evidenced in “A Doll house” because Nora told a lie to Torvald that stated she didn’t borrow any money. When, in fact, she did borrow money from Krogstad and Forged her dad’s signature. Therefore, moral of the story is do not lie to your spouse or you will be breaking the faith you have for one another.

Second, Hope is defined as something that you long for. Hope is semi-evidenced in the Story. Nora had hope that the Husband would forgive her, but it took a letter that Christine was to marry Krogstad to save the marriage of Nora and Torvald. In end, it all blew up in their faces. Torvald did not stop the wedlock between Christine and Krogstad and caused Nora to leave their wedlock and asserted independence.

Third, Love was not at all displayed in the play. Love has pillars. The first pillar is love never fails. You should never stop loving someone even when they might have told a small lie that manifested itself into a monster of a lie. The Second pillar, love does not boast. Nora was kind of boasting to Christine about how she borrowed money from someone. Then the truth got out that She borrowed money from Krogstad, the evil villain in this story. Therefore, Love is built on pillars and these pillars are built on the foundation of Hope and Faith.

In Conclusion, none of these characteristics are evidenced in this play. Therefore, Faith, Hope, and Love were not shown in this play. Thanks

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