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Coronavirus Poem Series Part 8

The Turning Point of America


Andrew Hawkins

America, America, why do you support healthcare reforms?

Obamacare had to be reformed and go through the proper forms.

Obamacare drove private healthcare rates up.

The Middle Class didn’t like the rates and went up.

They went all the way up to Capitol Hill.

Pelosi got politically ill.

America, America why do you sleep?

There is so much to keep.

You need to preserve your legacy.

The legacy of peace.

Your flag is red, white, and blue.

Your flag above the altitude.

blew with a feisty attitude.

America, America, why do you support President Trump?

You should be sounding the trump.

You became great.

You are great.

America, America, you are great again.

America, America, you made a great gain.

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