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Coronavirus Poem 12: The Benefits of the Word of God by Andrew Hawkins

The benefits of the Word of God


Andrew Hawkins

God is always there for us.

He is there for us amid a crisis.

God is love.

He flies like a spiritual dove.

His word is our sword.

His Sword is our chord. Our chord of hope.

So, Tune a song of hope.

Playing worshipful song on the guitar is like a pleasant song to God

in the air.

We do not error,

When we follow God’s standards.

We do not go backwards.

Backwards in time.

We do not count our time,

Because our time is precious to God.

We should cherish every moment because it is good.

Time should be wasted.

Because Time, simply, is faded.

Therefore, hold fast to God’s Word,

Because it is a spiritually sword.

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