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Coronavirus Poem 11: The Lasting Trump

The Lasting Trump


Andrew Hawkins

There is a man.

This man ran.

Ran a mighty race.

He laid down his cards and laid down the ace,

And trumped everybody in the USA.

He won the election in the USA.

The libs ran in terror.

Also, the Libs have some errors.

President Trump

that Biden claims is a clown,

might be down,

down in the polls.

But he is the lesser of the two evils.

He is the main defender of the rights of the voiceless.

God is ultimate defender of the rights of the helpless.

God will never leave us, nor forsake us.

He is always there for us.

Joe Biden is clueless.

Joe Biden is not a defender of the voiceless.

Biden policies will hurt the economy and stifle progress.

Trump progressed the U.S economy, helped the pro-life movement, and ultimately drained the swamp

with all those immoral libs that lie within that lib-infested swamp.

Pelosi has gone crazy.

Crazy Ol’ Pelosi does not know what to do with the crazy Biden

that goes clueless in the mind.

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