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Chapter 3: The Campaign

*This comes from my book "Into the Furnace: A McFearless Novel"

On May 1st, 2060, He started his campaign at Darkcon City, Oceania. The Global Abolishment Dominion Party (GADP) headquarters was located in Darkcon City. He had a slogan ‘Security, Safety, and Rules.”

Travelling to Blue Springs Oceania to explain the importance of the economic bill of Rights with his right-hand lady, Kamoda Jetstreets, he stopped in the great city of Gainesville, Oceania, a little town that had the most votes of any country. The Oceanian constitution states the lowest population gets the highest votes and the highest population gets the lowest votes. Nobody quite knows why this is. The decision laid on the founding Fathers of Oceania. The founding Fathers of Oceania were Thomas McHappiness, Benji McFrank, and Jgorn Maddy. These founding Fathers had the worldview that Christianity should be the backbone of Oceania. When he stopped at City Hall, getting out of his bulletproof beast, he galloped up to the front stage outside of the city hall waiting for Kamoda Jetstreets to finish her opening remarks. Raising her hands up slightly to silence those quiet whispers that echoed throughout the little town, the Vice President Candidate Kamoda Jetstreets proclaimed the opening remarks.

“Salutations, Constituents of Oceania! I am proud to present the future President Scorton McGuffey. Scorton McGuffey is a proud graduate of ACAS, Alliance for Communist and Atheists School. He graduated with a 6.0 GPA, the highest grading you can get. He also has created policies to help eliminate the poverty crisis in the great country of Oceania. Without Further ado, here is Scorton McGuffey!”

As he was approaching the stage, he stumbled a little bit. He finally gained his balance and made it to the still yet firm podium standing front and center. Raising his hands up to quiet the Whispers scattered across the audience, He began his groundbreaking speech. “Constituents of Oceania, I am Scorton McGuffey, a proud graduate of ACAS, and campaigning to be the next great President of Oceania. I will make sure every constituent has secure freedoms; free housing, free medical, free food, free clothing, and a host of many other things. No one should go without their basic needs met. For many years I have been dissatisfied with our current political environment. There’s constant violence, gun crimes, uncontrolled pandemics and diseases, and political disunity. I seek to put an end to the things that are destroying our great nation.”

The excited spectators, in amazement, clapped furiously to Scorton McGuffey Candidate speech. The Spectators, from Gainesville, Oceania, after this speech, pledged their support to Scorton McGuffey.

After a couple of weeks, Equine Godfrey started his campaign against Scorton McGuffey in Blue Springs, Oceania. Blue Springs. Oceania has a population of 25,000. President Candidate Equine Godfrey is a Christian politician. He was running with his running mate, Vice President Candidate Drac Quadratic. The Campaign Manager of Equine Godfrey, Jacquequine Qwaddle, scheduled an appearance of Equine Godfrey at the Blue Springs Recreation Center on May 23rd, 2060 at 4:30 P.M (Oceania Standard Time). About 4,000 of the 25,000 residents hit the road to the Equine Godfrey Campaign event. May 23rd, 2060 rolled around. The Campaign staff set up the stage for Equine Godfrey. Reaching for the door, Equine Godfrey went out of freedom, which was a futuristic limousine. Walking towards the stage, Drac Quadratic trotted up to the stage, silencing the whispers by simply raising his hands. She went up the yellow yet strong podium. She began her introduction to Equine Godfrey.

“Welcome, Constituents of Oceania! I am proud to present Equine Godfrey. He is the proud Graduate of Qfornia Freedom Alliance School (QFAS). He will ensure the values of the Joy, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He also believes that freedom is life plus more. Without Further ado, here is Equine Godfrey, the future Oceanian President!”

As he galloped up to the stairs, he did not stumble one bit. He was very proud. He approached the podium with his hands slightly up, to quiet the audible whispers of the 4,000 residents in attendance. He began his short but sweet campaign speech,

“Greetings, Citizens of Oceania! I am proud to be running for the 2nd president of Oceania where freedom should rest on the citizens, not the governments. Like Jacquiquine Qwaddle, my vice president, said, I am for Joy, Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I am very pleased to be running for your next president.”

The stage is set for election day of November 9th, 2060.

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