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Chapter 2: The President's Death

*This is Chapter 2 of my book "Into the Furnace: A McFearless Novel."*

Today’s date is April 3rd, 2060, seven days before April 10th, 2060.

Oceania threw a parade for President Roger Trust to celebrate his 40th year as president of their great country. This parade was quite a pleasant scene to behold.

Oceania was proud to have their leader, President Roger Trust, as their leader. The astatic citizens of Oceania were pleased to have a president like him. He just authorized executive order 64, which will allow citizens to worship any religion forever, or until another president revokes executive order 64. President Roger Trust had a humble spirit and put his citizens’ values above his own. President Roger Trust does not know how great of a president he is. The Citizens were mindfully pleased by this presidential action.

The parade was on the main avenue of Freedom Town, Oceania. It was a great fun-filled day in Freedom Town. They had balloons on every corner of the street. Freedom Town had strings of light, stringed from house to house. This was to celebrate the momentous occasion of Executive order 110 “The FRA (Freedom of Religion Act).” The Parade floats were decorated throughout with roses.

The Civil Rights Activists designed a float with a banner that reads “Congratulations! You have made Oceania proud! The Animistic culture designed a float promoting animals. With little animals on their banner, their banner read “Congrats! Way a go! You are a Champion among the Animist! The Christian culture made a parade float with square outline lined with ribbon. a sword and lettering were printed on the square outline lined with ribbon. This lettering read: “You have made God proud with Executive 64! Way a go, President Roger Trust.”

President Roger Trust was a champion among the Oceanians. He was Pro-life, Pro-constitution, and pro-military. He also established the NGMS (Next Generation Military Service), which has five squadrons—NGWRS (Next Generation Water Rescue Squadron), NGARS (Next Generation Air Rescue Squadron), NGSRS (Next Generation Space Rescue Squadron), NGSRS (Next Generation Secret Rescue Squadron), and NGSS (Next Generation Secret Squadron). Oceania also had a secret intelligence agency—OREOS (Oceania Royal Entourage Oceanic Service) and the GIDA (Global International Agency). The OREOS has a corrupt history under the guidance of Director Antea Flamingo. Director Antea Flamingo has a dark history with working of the dictator-minded people like Scorton McGuffey.

Now, fast forward a week later, April 10th, 2060.

Walking home from the President Castle hearing the bustling of car noises, Roger Trust analyzed his next action as President: Should I sign the Religion Restoration Act that makes sure all Religions are valued in every nation? The Founder of the Religions Restoration Act is President Johnny Trombone. He is such a good leader, perhaps greater than I am. He finally broke his complementation and called on his Secret officers to follow him thirty clicks away.

Walking along the street, passing the intersection Green and McDream Avenue, President Roger Trust radioed, “Hey Cormick, can you please follow me thirty clicks away?”

“Are you sure? You want us to follow you 30 clicks away. What if an assassin comes up and shoots you? There is a lot of political division these days.” Cormick McWhistle questioned President Trust on the radio, as if he knew internally that something terrifying would happen to him.

“Yes. I am sure,” The Naive President Trust cried out on radio as though he was belittled by this request and did not think through what the security officer was saying. McWhistle had developed a personal connection with him, but McWhistle still wasn’t brave enough to break the president’s orders.

About 2-5 minutes after this conversation, out of nowhere, this dude, Roy B. McFiddle, with a blue jacket on, appeared with a very metallic looking phaser gun.

“Semper Fidelis” The dude spoke as he pulled the trigger, as it echoed through Freedom Town, Oceania, the Capital of Oceania. There was no time for the secret service agents to protect him because of the president’s command.

“The President is dead. He laid scattered in pieces on the intersection of Green Avenue and McDream Street. Requesting back up.” cried Secret Service Agent, Cormick McWhistle, over the commlink to his fellow secret service agents as he saw his beloved president scattered in pieces across Green Avenue. It was a bloody sight to behold. The Ambulance and the GIDA squad car finally appeared on the crime scene, but it was too late. The president is dead.

With this personal connection with President Roger Trust, Cormick McWhistle was beside himself seeing his beloved president scattered in pieces across Green Avenue of Freedom Town, Oceania. He could never walk with this president. He was grief-stricken. He was hopeless. He was thinking as he was seeing the body: I am alone now! I didn’t do my job. I served him for over ten years, yet I couldn’t protect him. I am alone! I am powerless! I’m beside myself. I am thinking about retiring from the Secret Service Agent and seeking mental treatments.

After resolving these feelings, He got enough nerve to report this to the GIDA director, Wolf Aliefr. Cormick spoke to Wolf Aliefr as if he was trying to hold his tears back, gulping each word down, “It was in between the intersection of Green Avenue and McDream Street. On the northside of Green Avenue, the street lights were stuck on the green light due to the sound wave of the phaser blast. It was so gruesome that no words could describe this atrocity. The Blue Jacket Assassin was the elite Assassin that took a futuristic gun and blasted him in the gut. It was quite a brutal scene to watch. The phaser blast couldn’t have been any clearer. The gunshot echoed across the president’s mansion in Freedom Town, Oceania, the Capital of Oceania.”

The people living in the Freedom Town Alliance Apartments near the crime scene also saw this heinous crime with their bare eyes and heard the president spontaneously explode due to the impact of the Phaser gun. The pieces of President Roger Trust laid scattered across the street. The Residents of Freedom Town Alliance Apartments were eyewitnesses of a grave tragedy. They each lined up behind Secret Service Agent Cormick McWhistle, to give their eyewitness accounts.

“While I was peering out of my bedroom window, I heard this thunderous sound. It was like it was outside. Then when I opened my curtain, I saw my beloved president was shot and instantly vaporized. Who would do such a thing as this?” One of the residents, wanting to stay anonymous, stated.

The security bustling in the distance and the residents peering over surround the crime scene behind the caution tape. The Caution tape reads, “Caution: do not step over this boundary. It is an active crime scene.” Another resident, Drac Fide, who was mortified and trying to hold back his tears, gave his eyewitness Testimony of President Roger Trust’s death, “The guy was wearing a blue jacket with blue shoes. He had a long mustache that could give his identity away in a flash. I saw him get this futuristic gun out that looked like a phaser on Star Trek. Then the guy, raising his hand holding the gun up, pulled the deadly. I couldn’t watch my beloved president get vaporized. I turned my head in terror. I just heard a phaser shot that sounded like it was a three-second delay. I heard it pierce his skin, and he instantly popped. My beloved president was instantly murdered. It was truly unbearable to watch. I would never forget that my beloved president Roger Trust was innocently murdered. I obviously testified to the police about this criminal’s looks.”

The GIDA launched a News Conference that was live-streamed by a News Media network. The GIDA (Global International Detective Agency) Director of Oceania, Wolf Aliefr, spoke at this News Conference, with her tears held back.

“We are saddened to report that our beloved President Roger Trust was assassinated by the hands of Roy B. McFiddle. Roy B. McFiddle was an espionage agent who worked for the OREOS alliance, an underground governmental military group seeking to raise a dictatorship. We have reason to believe the corruption is rampant in our politicians. Who will hold them accountable? Who will preserve our great democracy? This election could possibly be rigged. We have been monitoring the OREOS alliance donations through some chains. Be rest assured! We will get to the bottom of this great tragedy.”

But it was too late, a coup is ascending in Oceania amid the chaos. This coup is none other than Global Freedom Abolishment Alliance (GFAA). This alliance is getting funding through the dark channels of the OREOS alliance. The political landscape shifted from peace and harmony to chaos and anarchy. The people wanted Security, Safety, rules. This is setting up for faction wars between the Global Freedom Abolishment Alliance and Freedom Peace Alliance. The military leader for the citizen militia (Global Freedom Abolishment Alliance) is Scorton McGuffey. The legit candidate for Presidency is Equine Godfrey who is running with the Freedom Peace Alliance. Scorton McGuffey has a Vice President Kamoda Jetstreets. Kamoda Jetstreets is one of the most Dominating characters in the Global Abolishment Dominion Party. She has long dark blue hair, with red dazzling eyes. Equine Godfrey has the Vice President Drac Quadratic.

The stage is set! Who will win?

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