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Chapter 1: McGuffey's Darkcon Mountain Hideout

*Note: This is a fictional work that is part of my book "Into the Furnace: A McFearless Novel."

On the other side of Oceania, peering through his telescope in the Dark Palace, on the base of one of the Mountains in the Darkcon Mountains range, Scorton McGuffey glimpsed over with evil and mischievous eyes at the joyous poverty-stricken children playing on the playground. Scorton was a stalky short little man. He also doesn’t like the citizens of Oceania make fun of his small yet vicious size.

His lair was musty, awful smelling, in fact. It had cold, damp rocks, stings to touch. It also had a central hub where McGuffey can keep his eye on things using 6 holographic monitors in a 360 pattern. He also had a telescope that can check on things in all the important towns of Oceania--Blue Springs, Willow, Freedom Town, etc... Today, He checked in on the city of Blue Springs, population twenty-five thousand.

“The Infectious laughter of Oceania is quite dreadful. We need to fix this. I’ve got an awful yet brilliant idea. What if I ran for Presidential Office for Oceania to fix this problem? Isn’t this a brilliant plan, Aerav?” proclaimed Scorton McGuffey as he peered down at his Zalgo, Aerav.

Aerav is a unique creature, to say the least. He is part of the Zalgo. This Species, Zalgo, has a collaboration of colors on his scales, alternating red and blue all the way down His back. He also has a splash of orange that goes in a perpendicular direction. Zalgo is the most unique creature on the planet, Dragon Fruit. Zalgo has been on Dragon Fruit for many decades now. Using his belly, Aerav can travel up and down McGuffey’s bow staff. He also can curl up in a ball. This species, known to speak in any dialect, can also communicate with the Sapiens. The Sapiens are the humanoid lifeforms that live on Dragon Fruit in various different countries and climates of Dragon Fruit. Oceania is known for the mountainous regions and their deep tropical forests scattered across the region. Several other creatures exist on this wonderful planet, Dragon Fruit--the Kalthners, the Caplers, and the Vaia.

“Yes, my master. The dreadful laughter is quite painful to listen to. However, how would you implement this vicious idea?” This is a really good plan,” hissed Aerav, as his double forked tongue slithered in and out of his mouth while he was curling up on the president’s red double-edged bow staff.

Scorton continued on with his brilliant plan to his pet, Zalgo, Aerav, “If I get elected, I’d make the children go through brainwashing techniques to make them not laugh at all. This would be by sending them one by one to the Tower of Terror, run by yours truly. I’ll make the Oceanians believe my force-fed propaganda and elect me their new president. If Adults are also pesky, trying to keep the children away from my brainwashing techniques, I’ll force them into labor camps. My brainwashing technique is by making the children watch daily news casts of my propaganda. We also need to tear down that awful object the Oceanians call ‘A playground.’ A lot of things will change when I become president of the sweet country of Oceania. Too bad, the Oceanians will believe my force-fed propaganda and elected me as their newly appointed ruler of Oceania. I’ll let the children enjoy this one last day of freedom before I will send them, two by two, to boarding schools. These boarding schools will deliver atheism and communistic ideas on a silver platter to the minds of the younglings. I do not feel bad for these children. I believe the Adults should work in labor camps and the children will be brainwashed, through these boarding schools, to accept my ideology, Those, who oppose, will be sentenced to a gruesome death.”

“Oh! What a diabolical plan. But how would you get rid of the current president that rules over the dreadful country of our planet Dragon Fruit?” Aerav said, trying to encourage his master, Scorton McGuffey.

“I’ll call on an acclaim assassin that is hailed to be part of the OREOS alliance. He will have the mission to kill him. He has some experience with futuristic weapon systems.” Scorton McGuffey said as he was comforting his pet snake.

“Oooo! That’s awesome. Well done, Sir!” Aerav declared as he peered his head up from the top of the bow staff.

Getting his holographic, encrypted phone out of his pocket, he extended both side of and clicked on the button he wanted to call Roy B. McFiddle, the best assassin in all of Oceania. He dialed 4313-2514-5431. On Oceania, the constitution also states that phone numbers must be 4 characters divided up into 3 segments. The First segment is the area code. And the second and third segment is their phone number. This phone number is none other than the Assassin’s phone number.

“Greetings! How can I direct your call?” The robotic voice answered, expecting a reply.

“I need to get a hold of Roy B. McFiddle.” Annoyingly answered as if he was in a impatient state of being.

“Okay, hold on a moment. Connecting your call to Roy B. McFiddle.”

It took about three seconds, then an ominous voice answered with a deep and raspy voice. “Hello, this is Roy B. McFiddle”

“Hi, I’m Scorton McGuffey! I’m in desperate need of an assassin to take down President Roger Trust! How much do you charge for this service?”

While pondering the answer on the phone for about 5-15 seconds, Roy B. McFiddle finally answered, “I would be glad to take down President Roger Trust! I am part of the underground alliance, OREOS (Oceania Revenge Entourage Oceanic Services). When do you want this to take place?”

“Awesome. I would like to eliminate President Roger Trust down on April 10th, 2060 on his afternoon stroll.” McGuffey responded in his gruff yet graceful tone.

Taking a mental note on what weapon he should use, thinking he should ask Scorton McGuffey for his choice of weapon, he blasted over the phone, “Great. What weapon shall I use to take him down?”

“Any weapon would suffice. I want the president to be scattered in itsy-bitzy pieces.”

“Awesome! I will use the Phaedran weapon. It is known to instantly pop its victims in pieces.”

“Thank you, kind sir! Have a great fun-filled day!”

Scorton McGuffey ended the holographic transmission. He planned his dystopian society built on order and structure as he was petting his Zalgo, Aerav.

While he was sitting in his throne extending towards the cave ceiling, he began going through his dystopian structure. “My structure would be the following. First all the class of believers in any religion who do not renounce their Christian faith will be put into the class of Swordians. The Swordian class will primarily be tortured and brutally murdered if they do not renounce their Christian faith. If they do renounce their Christian Faith, they will move into the class of Aopians. The Aopians is the class in my structure that are the renouncers. The renouncers would be placed into a higher class than the Swordians. The Aopians are poverty-stricken and inhabit tent cities scattered abroad Oceania. After they proved their worth in the Aopian class, they move up to the Etopians class. The Etopian class is the working class that have more rights than those in the class of Aopians. They have free housing and free healthcare If they prove their worth in this class, they move up to the Mician class. The Mician are the politicians that believe that the Government should be an all-seeing eye. This the top tier. I will be a Mician once I get access to the Fasd Office. The Fasd Office is the War room and the executive room for the President of Oceania. What do think about this structure, Aerav?”

Aerav, a Zalgo, while slithering up and down the Bow Staff, responded, “Man that is a great structure. When will you enact this structure?”

While getting out of his throne, heading to the kitchen to eat, Scorton responded, “I will enact this once I am President of Oceania which will be. This would be after I eliminate President Roger Trust.” He was thinking to himself: I am one vile person, seeking to persecute the believers who believe in any religion.

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