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Breaking News: Sedgwick County protects Unborn Babies

States, across the nations, have fought if the Abortion clinics are considered an essential business. A small county, in the state of Kansas, fought for the lives of the unborn babies. This small county is Sedgwick county. The Sedgwick County is home to Wichita Wind Surge.

At a Sedgwick County government meeting, the Sedgwick County Commission voted on whether Abortion clinics are considered an essential business and should remain open during this unprecedented time. I am happy to report that Sedgwick County Commission at 4 to 1 vote, decided to protect the rights of unborn babies and women by declaring that Abortion is an elective surgery and they should stop their unethical practice.

Dalton Glasscock reported, “On a 4-1 vote today, the Sedgwick County Commission voted to protect life. Not just the lives of unborn children but the lives of women and the lives of all those in the community. The “Trust Women” abortion clinic in Wichita is still performing elective abortions, meanwhile the rest of the world is canceling elective surgeries and scrambling to conserve and redirect PPE. People are forgoing mammograms, scheduled surgeries, and other treatments in order that others may live. This clinic was encouraging women and doctors from across the country to travel to Wichita to get this procedure while our community is under stay at home orders. Four of the five commissioners chose to put politics aside and protect men, women, children, and those not yet born in this community from contracting or spreading COVID-19. I hope Dr. Minns and Governor Laura Kelly approve this recommendation and that all abortion services should be suspended while the COVID-19 emergency continues.”

In Conclusion, The Hawk News Report stands on the Pro-Life movement. This ruling is a win for Sedgwick County.

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