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Breaking News: Sedgwick County Did not Bailout Rock Regional Hospital

Hospitals have been struggling desperately during this time of crisis. Rock Regional Hospital seized the opportunity to ask for $5 million dollars to keep their business afloat. Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell stated, “Rock Regional Hospital is wanting to borrow $5 Million (a loan) but they say they need $3M in backing. They are asking the county commission to guarantee or ‘co-sign’ for $2 million and the City of Derby to do the same for $1 Million.” Jim Howell is asking the million dollar question, “What benefit would it do to bailout a Hospital that is barely staying afloat as it stands?”

There is no substance to bailout a hospital. They knew when they were Building a $40 Million dollar Hospital that the demand could be lower than expected and caused a lack of funds to roll in. In the Crisis that the Citizens of Sedgwick County are in, The Sedgwick County should use their money wisely to help get supplies to the much needed hospitals like St. Francis or Wesley. It is not right to withhold the funds and give it to a measly $40 Million dollar hospital located in Derby, Kansas. Look at the Dinosaur Park, it is barely staying afloat also. The Derby Leadership needs to create better opportunity for the Derby populous. Our Taxpayer money should be going to further educate the child and start preparing a better future instead of spending the money ruthlessly.

The Hawk News Report is proud of the Sedgwick County Commission to deny the Rock Regional Hospital’s request of more money. Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell reported, “A motion to deny was made and passed 4-1.”

So, If the Derby Community really wants this hospital, they should donate money and fundraise to keep this Hospital afloat during this impending crisis. It is amazing what a little fundraiser would do to rally the people behind a great cause. You could start a fundraiser saying “Save the Hospital! Save the Hospital! The Hospital is saving lives.”

If a person was willingly, they should start a gofundme page to save the Rock Regional Hospital of financial virus.

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