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Big Governments: Are They Overstepping Their Boundaries?

Are you immensely glad that we have a governmental system that values your freedom? Over the course of millennia, great nations rise and fall. Sadly, governments are prone to eliminate your freedom by placing you in socialistic government. “Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.” By the message of the quote, Robin Morgan was indicating that when we withhold information it could lead to power and that power can lead to a corrupt nation. As the illustrations of repression, the problem with the repression of the governments, and solutions against the repression of the governments illustrate, the point is that the repression of government is leading the regimes or nations on a path to corruption, which why I am so glad that the American government is valuing the freedom of their citizens.

As the American citizens are enjoying their freedom, two different countries are experiencing an overreaching government. These two countries are Morocco and China. Interestingly, they have two contrasting ways they are suppressing their citizens. Surprisingly, by the outcome of a protest, the Moroccan dissidents are stripped of their freedom of their personal opinion and sent to a horrible, poor, prison because they were trying to voice their opinion on the government. According to dissident who was in the protest, “Knowing your phone conversations are constantly listened to is disturbing. It restrains my private life.” Sadly, The Moroccan regime is unlawfully suffocating their free speech and greatly comprising their quality of life. Another illustration is the great firewall of China. The great firewall of China is the process by which the Chinese regime is unlawfully censoring the internet and can the shut off internet anytime if they are aware of a national security crisis. The Repression is totally wrong. These two illustrations demonstrate the problems with repression of the government and the Government’s overreach.

Although the Citizens of the Morocco and China are suppressed by the government, there are quite a few problems of with the repression of the government. Primarily, the governments, when they are repressing the citizens, are suffocating their freedom of opinion. The Chinese and the Moroccan citizen’ opinion is important to have, because when you take away their personal opinion, they are psychologically terrorized. In addition to suffocating their freedom of personal opinion, their Quality of life is significantly decreased. It is reported that when you eliminate the citizens’ personal opinion of the government, it can lead to decrease of their public health and the society well-being as a whole. Surprising by outcome of the suffocation, the Governmental Regimes are greatly infringing on their individual privacy. Individual privacy should be upheld. Wholeheartedly, the suffocation of the freedom of opinion, the decline of Quality of life, and the governmental regimes infringing on their individual privacy are all problems of the repression of the government, but there is upside to this horrible yet informative issue.

Although there are problems attributed to the repression of the Government, solutions are found against living in sheer terror of the government regime. These solutions are the following. The basic solution is creating the government accountable to its citizens. In addition to Government accountability, the Government should have limitations. Dramatically and tragically, the government has the freedom to do anything they want to with the citizens; it can lead to horrible consequences like the overstepping government. When the government is not unlimited, it can lead the governmental body to crush the citizens’ public and political mindsets because the government is overstepping their boundaries. In the same manner, we need to increase our awareness of individual privacy. Shining like the sun, Government accountability, the limitations of the government, and the awareness of individual privacy will lead our nation on a path for greatness and lead our citizens in a path that will not allow the citizens to be in sheer terror of the government.

As seen in these three points, several illustrations exist of political repression leading to several problems, but solutions are possible. When the government has unlimited power, it can lead to governmental power that crushes the citizens freedom of opinion. The most important point is that when the government is not limited, it can lead the governmental power to crush the citizens’ freedom of opinion and their view on the government. Interestingly, there are solutions out there that prevent the government to be a governmental power that crushes an individual’s freedom. Since the government is limited, it can promote the well-being of a citizen and allowing the citizens to live in sheer terror of the government. Also, the government when limited, it can promote a trust relationship with the governments. The repression is morally wrong. These three points illustrate the problems and solutions with political repression. These voices of the citizens will never ever be silenced again if the government is limited. In the end, the small governments are better than big government because the big government is overstepping their boundaries.

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