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AWANA Journey Witness Section 5.4 Question 3: How has God been a refuge in your life?

How has God been a refuge in your life? Hmmm. this is an interesting and thought-provoking question. God has been a refuge in my life when I have been thwarted by the Enemy’s flaming darts. I did not notice this before but every time I tried to go into the Youth Ministry profession. I have in my mind seeds of doubts. But I did try to turn those seeds of doubt into seeds of hope on my own and it did not work. You have to rely on God (YHVH) (The Existing One) to plant seeds of hope in my life. So God has used spiritual means to indicate that I can take refuge in God. God is truly faithful when I encounter trials of many kinds. Because my trials leads to character development. God truly wants everyone to take refuge in him.

This is a short and concise answer to the question. Thanks for tuning into the Hawk Youth Mission Website.

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