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Artificial Intelligence: A celebration of the accomplishments in AI

Imagine for a moment; you were in your living room as a young child watching the Jetsons. The Jetsons is a cartoon set in outer space focused on the Jetson family. One of the most predominant artificial intelligence features in the series is the Jetsons’ robotic maid named Josie. While this a mere cartoon, household robots are not science fiction anymore because It can become a reality with Artificial Intelligence. Reuben Skewes, an Author for Relevant Magazine, defined Artificial intelligence as “an area of computer science dedicated to the creation of software or hardware which can act, learn, and adapt to the real world as humans do. It is all about amplifying human capabilities and automating tedious tasks to compliment what we do as humans, not replace humans.” With AI, it is possible to design and create a household robot that helps you track the weather just by the sound of your voice (i.e., ANKI vector robot). How cool! Google, a proponent of AI in all fields, is generating $3.4 billion through the Google AI devices, which include the google home devices. As in the word of Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck-It Ralph, that is a lot of moolah. Another surprising statistic is nearly a quarter of American society own a smart speaker or in other words, an AI speaker. Not to mention all the AI built-in smartphones. Thus, The Celebration of Artificial intelligence is warranted because AI has the change of the Americans’ way of living in three distinct aspects: first, in households. Second, in the medical field. Third in the technological community. First, AI has revolutionized households. Back in 2000, American society did not have modern electronics in households. Modern electronics would include but are not limited to Smart Speakers (google homes), laptops with SSD (Solid State Drives), smartphones (first produced by Apple in 2010), and Smart TVs (that include Roku, a streaming channel). Because people endorsed and supported AI, we have modern electronics today for much cheaper than the 2000s. AI has indeed ratified the way we live in households now because simple searches on the google search engine can be searched just by the sound of your voice. Second, AI has ratified the way doctors operate on people because of the AI advancements. Back in 2000, the American population did not have a 3D printer or a Hologram heart that medical personnel practice before operating on humans. Just recently, my grandma had a triple bypass surgery at the University of Lincoln hospital that went flawlessly because of the AI advancements. Third, AI has boosted the Free Market in Jobs. When the socialists say Capitalism is the root of all malice, it is not valid. Due to the free market, AI Innovation has driven Economic Growth. Apple Corporation was the first person to design a computer interface that reacted to the consumers’ questions. It was called Siri. Apple reported in 2015, “Over the years, Apple has driven incredible job growth and created entirely new industries. Our products and innovations have led to over 1 million U.S jobs—from our engineers and retail employees to suppliers, manufacturers, and app developers.” Now, Apple has created numerous jobs in the AI industry. The Famed Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises explained that when innovation meets opposition, freedom enables innovation’s successes. I quote, “In every sphere of human activity, and innovation is a challenge. It meets at the beginning chiefly stubborn opposition. Such obstacles have been conquered in a society where there is economic freedom.” Economic freedom enables overcoming the challenges of AI innovation, such as the next friendly household robot that responds to vocal cues. Therefore, AI has boosted the American Society Economic Growth. In Conclusion, we have seen that AI is predominant in American society today in households, in the medical community, and jobs. Professor Jaana Woiceshyn, who is an associate professor at the University of Calgary, wrote that Innovations like AI has increased Economic growth in the article ‘What drives innovation, the engine of Economic Growth,’ “Economists understand that innovation drives economic growth. Big innovations based on harnessing steam power, discovering electricity, the computer revolution (AI) all have spurred economic growth.” Therefore, A celebration of AI is warranted because it revolutionized the way the American lives today: in households, in the medical community, and in the economy.

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