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Andrew Hawkins Biography

I am Andrew Hawkins. I am a Junior at Calvary University majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting Online. I have 5 years of Cash handling experience by recording my Customers transactions in an excel interface with formulas to calculate percentages for my payroll and for my company’s expenses. I also created a worksheet to record the transactions of each customers. I also have some experience in QuickBooks in recording transactions and in formulating financial reports (e.g., Profit/Loss summary). In addition to QuickBooks experience, I have experience in business development, learning new software, and new marketing techniques.

First, I have experience in business development. My customer base grew due to my exemplary customer service by developing, maintaining, and managing lawn mowing customers. Since I developed a good working relationship with my customers, I grew my base of customers from 5 to 17, just by word of mouth. I also have developed and executed a three-year growth plan. In the past three years, my lawn mowing company’s revenue grew $2,000 dollars every year for the past three year due to my three-year growth plan.

Second, I have experience in learning a software for my business—QuickBooks. QuickBooks is an interface and a database that helps you keep track of the customers more flawlessly and allows you to pay more attention to detail. QuickBooks also allows you to create profit/loss reports and Accounts receivables summary. Also, I learned how to do an ACH Bank Transfer through QuickBooks GoPayment interface.

Third, I also developed new marketing techniques at Quality Counts. The first technique is door-to-door marketing. In 2009, I went door-to-door and gained new clientele. The second technique and the most prosperous technique is the referral system. The referral system enabled us to gain 15 yards in the past 10 years as developed and matured into a business. I developed a strong reputation for quality work and maintained customer satisfaction. With these skills, I can excel at a banking profession.

The Bank Telling Job would be good experience and enable me to be more flexible with my monetary situation. My long-term career goal is to work in the financial community as a bank Teller. I love dealing with QuickBooks. I am intrigued in the financial work. My aspiration is working in the Banking Industry all my life.

My Skills set include customer service, dependability, great work ethic, and a team player. I also have 5-6 years in cash handling by recording all my lawn mowing customers cash and check payments.

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